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Alone with aliens...

by Ryan Robertson  13 years old

        One day I woke up.  I was in a spacecraft.  I had no idea how I got there or where I was going to land.

        I saw a tiny green martian.  He was very short and fat.  He did not see me.  I was very scared.  Then his wife walked by me.  She was tall and thin.  She did not see me either.  They came in the room I was in and sat down.  They thought I was their son.  I was very relieved.  They handed me a set of space rules.  The major rule was you could not have a child of your own unless you ordered it from a place called baby central.  They said they ordered me.  They yelled to the waiter bring in some of our special food.  It looked like green worms and cricket legs.  I told them thanks, but I will skip this meal.  They showed me to my room.  It was a tube.  They told me this is all they ever had to sleep in.  When I went to sleep they ran a test to see if I was a martian.

        The next day was horrible.  All the aliens surrounded my bed tube.  They all yelled human.  They set a straight course for earth.  When we finally landed they tossed me to the ground.  When I hit the ground it was time for me to get out of there before they hit me with their laser guns.   I escaped to my house.  They totally destroyed it.  I ran for about an hour or two.   They where short on fuel so they had to return home.

        They never came back, but what will happen next?

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