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Mira and Shahar are Mr. Gwell's very special pets
Our pets are also very special to us.   Having a pet is also a big responsibillity.   Please have your pet spayed or neutered, to many precious animals are lost to us because the owners would let their pets have litter after litter.  That is not being a responsible pet owner.  Read up on how to take care of your pet.  There also is a very good reason for the leash law, to many pets get lost or hit by cars. These accidents can been prevented, please do not let that happen to one of yours.

Both the precious friends above were adopted from a shelter.  Have you visited or helped a shelter or other save an animal organization lately?

Do you have a picture and a story about your favorite pet that you would like to share with us?

Either e-mail it to me at, or mail me a picture by regular postal mail and I will scan it in for our picture pages.   If time permits, I will draw your pet and make a coloring picture out of it. 

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