Mr. Gwell
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Mr. Gwell and Lollo

Just like another famous Teddy, Mr. Gwell was born because of a child's need. A child that Lollo knew was very ill and she wanted very much to bring a little happiness and laughter to the child. After much thoughts and numerous drawings, she came up with a get well bear named Mr. Gwell. She wrote the story, found a bear and named him Mr. Gwell and off he went. Mr. Gwell was an instant hit with the child and also became the favorite of the whole nursing staff who got a good chuckle out of the little book.
Since then Mr. Gwell has not only brought cheers to others but has also brought other kinds of greeting. Like Lollo likes to say: Mr. Gwell is a very versatile kind of bear. My dream, continues Lollo, is to be able to make it possible for anyone to be able to have a Mr. Gwell. I dream of children telling Mr. Gwell their stories and that he will make someone a little happier.
It took years to find someone to help produce Mr. Gwell and then to have the story made into the little book. I finally found the most helpful toy company who makes Mr. Gwell for me from my drawings. It took many tries and samples before finally he was just right. As you can see, no two Mr. Gwell are exactly alike and that makes him even more unique.
Mr. Gwell will grow and change, so get one of the first Mr. Gwell's. He will be someone to keep and treasure. Hmmm, muses Lollo, wish I had one of the first made Winnie the Poo's.
Early Mr. Gwell
One of the earlier paintings of Mr. Gwell
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